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February Update!

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Well, it’s been ages. Too long, really, and I apologise.

A lot has been going on with The Mine Project, notably Pymine development – the core codebase is being refactored and (I hate to put it like this) is almost back to the state of functionality where it was in December — however it’s now half the size, considerably more capable, and in a position to be grown in the future without being tragic.

The main changes were to the Django database model; by the nature of Django this was the first code that I wrote for pymine, and thus was the most complex and arcane in some senses; it is now considerably simplified, although it will help to send mail to the maillist if you’re looking to delve into it.

Last weekend we had out first code-camp, in Chelsea; Mathias Baert came from Brussels for an overnight stay, and was hacking JavaScript all weekend; Ketan worked with Mathias, Adriana and me all saturday afternoon and evening, and after considerable thrashing-out of some open questions, the eventual UI will be in a much better state for users.

The development UI, OTOH, is still a bit rough. Mathias and I are trying-out a new JavaScript tagging widget which will make life better.

Upcoming news:

  • TheMineProject will be presented at DJUGL – the London Django User Group, on Thursday February 25th
  • Mathias will be presenting on TheMineProject at BarCamp Antwerp on March 6th

More news as time warrants; I will try to update more frequently, I promise.

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