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Protomine Development Kit released!

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The code is still pre-alpha – there is a lot of functionality going to be added over the next few days – but last night we got the first cut of the Protomine developer kit going.

So if:

  • you are interested in The Mine! Project
  • you have OSX (current development platform, Ubuntu and Solaris next)
  • you know what Subversion, perl, and /usr/bin/make do

…then join the Developer list and help!


Protomine moves to Subversion on GoogleCode

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Protomine has moved to Subversion and is hosted by GoogleCode; the project home page is

For technical guidance please see the Protomine Developer Wiki, and also this blog’s Download page for instructions regarding code access.

The protomine development maillist is hosted on; to join the list, send e-mail to with the word “subscribe” in the body.

The project is coming along. See you there!

Code Dump – 22 September 2008

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I’ll be honest, this tarball does not do very much that is interesting; it sets out the underlying database management and you can get the form of the object structure – however the feed-management code is yet to go in, after which things will get very interesting.

Nonetheless the code needs to be published sometime, and this seems an appropriate juncture.

Download here ; MD5 checksum 1df80226de53c24df3e837abcb781b12

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