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Pymine is the first “proper” Mine! implementation, and is also the first platform to showcase the Mine! technology; it’s hosted on the Google Code website and accessible via Subversion, which saves all that messy “zipfiles and tarballs and patches, oh my!” nonsense.
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The primary home for the Pymine software is on its Google Code project page; yes, visually it’s very boring, please don’t blame us for that, this one time.

All the instructions for downloading the actual pymine code are writte up elsewhere; links are provided on the Download page. We currently use the following platforms for pymine development:

  • Mac OS X (mostly Snow Leopard)
  • Ubuntu Linux (anything fairly recent)

…and you can probably guess correctly that this means “pymine runs OK on the above, and on anything else your mileage may vary” – but if you get it working elsewhere then we’d love to hear from you.

Platform Plans

Pymine is (essentially) a Django 1.0 application; this means it will run on prettymuch anything that runs Django (and ideally looks like Unix) – and the reason it’s a Django v1.0 (rather than a v1.1) application is that we want to try porting to Google App Engine real soon now.

See also the notes on the Download page regarding platform-specific development kits and software dependencies.

More news on the platform stuff, later.

Reporting Bugs

There’s a marvellous bugtracker for Pymine at Google Code! Guess what – we use it!


There are a bunch of Mine Development Communities:

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