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Mine! as VRM infrastructure

(Adriana Lukas, May 2008)

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This paper sets out to describe a version of infrastructure or foundation for VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) based on an alternative view on sharing information online between individuals and of online identity. It sets out to explain the strategy and tactics for design, development and adoption of tools – Mine! and applications – and creation of an infrastructure for other solutions – VRM (relationships with individuals and vendors, transactions), self-defined identity, authentication, data portability and hopefully many more. The aim is to equip individuals with tools to take charge of their data (content, relationships, transactions, knowledge), arrange (analyse, manipulate, combine, mash-up) them according to their needs and preferences and share them on their own terms whilst connected and networked on the web.

The blog post introducting the paper: I haz a Mine Let me show you it…


Feeds-Based VRM: A Web-Centric Approach to VRM Implementation

(Alec Muffett & Adriana Lukas, February 2008)

Authors would like to offer an alternative “web-centric” description and architecture for VRM, leveraging concepts from familiar technologies such as browsers, feeds, blogging-software and Ajax applications, in order to provide VRM functionality in a different manner, with a lower barrier to adoption, lower “time to market”, and with a different approach towards data-management, distinguishing between user-centric and user-driven technology and tools.

The blog post introducing the paper: Power to the Persons redux

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